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The Female World Dragon Line as it runs through Britain (Miller & Broadhurst, 1989)

In the Introduction to this website, I talked of how the book ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ (Miller & Broadhurst, 1989) led to my very first dance with a dragon at Avebury stone circle on a Misty May Day morning in 1991. I was fascinated by the authors’ ideas of how the energies they dowsed, flowed and meandered through the landscape; and my own subsequent experiences served to re-enforce their observations. Over the years I have been able to visit many locations along the Michael/Mary line, from St. Michael’s Mount, to the Merry Maiden’s stone circle, The Hurlers and the Cheese-wring, Cadbury Castle, Burrow Bridge Mump, Glastonbury Cathedral and Tor, Dorchester, Royston and Bury St Edmonds. During these visits I’ve tried not to pre-empt, or have any expectations of what I would feel at each location; rather choosing to go in with an open mind and trusting that if I was meant to feel something, I would. Sometimes there were no sensations, or just a very faint essence of something on the fringes of my awareness that was impossible to put a finger on. At others, I would feel a clear flow, as I walked across an open space. I also learnt that if I stood to one side and observed a space for a while, often minute features would jump out at me, trying to catch my eye – perhaps a stone in a wall, a small bush, an unusual rock formation on the outline of a hill, or even leaves on a tree that moved in an unusual way. I came to realise these were all nature’s pointers to places where there was an energy flow of one kind or another. 

So, by the time I went to work in Sydney for 6 months in 1994, I was a practised, but inexperienced dowser and looked forward to honing my skills in a totally different part of the world. During these early days in Sydney, I learnt about the Aboriginal Dreamtime and the Dreamtime stories, including that of the Rainbow Serpent (see Introduction) and how she bought life to the Earth. I acquired many books and became an avid reader in my thirst for knowledge about the energy of the Earth in general; and sacred places in Australia and the Aborigines that were their guardians, in particular. Flowing through it all, was an underlying synchronicity of meeting people who shared information and insights that were to be invaluable; of working with like-minded, souls open to exploring new ideas, channelling groups and so much more.

The following insights are not in any particular order. They often started as small ideas that developed over time with fits and starts, as moments of clarity revealed themselves. Twenty-six years on and I am still learning and still receiving insights about this stunning planet on which we all live.

Insight: World Dragon Lines of energy – simple lines on a map cannot, in any way, reflect the reality of energy flows either through a landscape, or the planet.

Whilst I was working in Sydney, a friend handed me a much photocopied, two-page document about the ‘Planetary Gates of the New Jerusalem’ by Robert Coon (Coon, 1968). The document contained a very small map of two World Dragon lines that encircled the Earth (see section on World Dragon Lines for a more detailed description) and showed the planetary chakra points. It captured my imagination; more so because it was abundantly clear the Female Dragon Line shown by Robert Coon, as it flowed through southern England; was in fact the Michael/Mary line dowsed by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst (Miller & Broadhurst, 1989). This led to the insight that if the Female Dragon Line described by Robert Coon, had both male and female currents that meandered through the landscape in England, creating energy ‘hot spots’ on the surface that were recognised as sacred places; there was no reason why this did not happen all along both the World Dragon Lines. In fact, there was no reason why all energy lines, wherever they might be on the planet, would not have male and female currents to them – an insight, which I have since both experienced and proved to be correct, in many locations.

Insight: Energy lines are multi-dimensional; they do not simply flow on the surface of the Earth; but rather are more like horizontal vortices in time and space.

As well as energies which flow across the surface, many ancient cultures speak of layers of energy: from those underground, to the surface and in the ethers. E.g. ‘Gateways to the underworld’ (Doore, 1998-2004). For example, the highland Andes have been known through myth and legend as one of the access points for vast underground subterranean cities; the domain of inner-earth beings who from time to time, emerge from their lower worlds into the upper atmosphere of our third-dimensional density. These ancient legends speak of vast networks of tunnels crisscrossing the entire length and breadth of the planet; and traditions of vaults, labyrinths and buried treasures of remote antiquity can be found in Crete, Egypt, Tibet, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. 

I ‘see’ energy lines, or currents, more as rotating vortices of energy that flow through, above and beneath a landscape, much like water naturally flows, when unhindered, in mountain streams. Similar to the ideas proposed by Viktor Schauberger and translated by Callum Coats in his book ‘The Water Wizard’ (Coats, 1998).

Insight: Energy lines/dragon lines/Lung Mai/songlines, whatever you call them; each have their own energy signature that humans can learn to tune into. A signature that is influenced by the geology of the rocks that are an integral part of the Earth they flow through.

Over time, I have learnt to sense the difference between energy flows; whether they are fast, strong, subtle, slow, almost ethereal; and on some level, whether there is a positive or negative charge that is stable, or oscillates, based on the time of day/cycle of the Moon, etc. For example, I became familiar with the differences between the energies of the Michael and Mary currents; so, by the time I was visiting remote places where Robert Coon’s map showed the female World Dragon Line flowed, I found myself recognising their signatures in an instant, like meeting up with old friends. 

Insight: Energy lines and energy places will shift or shut themselves down if they are abused.

In the late 20th and early 21st century, many of the world’s sacred places are on a ‘top ten places to visit before you die’ list. Sadly, most visitors will not understand the concept of the Energy of Place or Energy Signatures and will take energy from a place without realising it. Places like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Moray in the Sacred Valley Peru, Uluru in Australia; and many others too numerous to mention here, will shut themselves down during the day, or put up a protective shield around their boundaries to stop any energy depletion from happening. But go there of a night, or early morning, or during a full moon; and they will open up and share their treasures with delightful results.

In another example, whilst travelling down the east coast of Australia, again in 1994, we came across a town, which was the site of an old Aboriginal massacre. Locals told of how the energy flows had rerouted themselves out to sea, away from the area; which sadly experienced unusually high murder and suicide rates among all its inhabitants, regardless of colour or race. They were asking for help to clear this unwanted legacy and whilst we couldn’t help, we passed the message on to others who could.

Insight: Every sacred place and energy site has one or more spirit guardians. It’s always wise and polite to ask permission of these guardians first, before attempting anything; and to always say ‘thank you’ afterwards. The key of course is to recognise the guardians in the first place, because they come in all shapes and sizes. They could inhabit the stump of a tree, or a rock by a pathway or an overhanging branch, or just be a gate, or door you have to walk through – but there will always be one; and sometimes more than one. 

Whilst in Australia, I was taught to ask permission in the Aboriginal way. First take a sip of water, swill it in your mouth, then spit it out on the ground as you ask permission to do whatever you are hoping to do. Second, sprinkle some water on your hands, rub them together, letting the excess fall on the ground. With these simple acts, you are sharing your energy signature with that of the Earth and the spirit guardian of the place you wish to visit. It’s a way of honouring the ancestor spirits. I later learnt another simple technique, which is described in the Hints and Tips section of this website – it’s not so visible as the water method and if you’re planning a healing in a place like a supermarket or airplane, far less offensive to passers-by.

Insight: The Earth is a total ball of energy and no one single person has all the answers, or vision, to totally encapsulate what this means. 

During 1994 and beyond, I have been exposed to many sources of information that have both influenced my understanding and awareness of energy flows around the planet; and convinced me that everyone who has any passion for the subject; and many are very passionate, almost evangelical; are right. Each has a perspective, or view, that is different, but valid; perspectives that provide illuminating insights into some aspect of how this beautiful planet works. Over the years, I have met many beautiful souls who are each working, in their own inimitable way; sharing and contributing to a wider understanding of how the planet functions as a whole, living being in her own right.

Examples include, but are definitley not limited to: The Becker-Hagens (c1983) Planetary Grid System. The basic picture of this grid, highlights various grid points that are designated Yang-hot, Yin-cool, or balanced. Wilpena Pound in Southern Australia is believed to be Grid Point 44 and shown as being Yang-hot at the time of publication. The premise was that each area of the world could, using sacred planetary geometry calculations, be expanded, to show a more detailed complex of grid points and energy centres. During my stay in Australia I was initially given a very smudged, single A4 map of the major grid points for that continent; but a contact in South Australia, later produced an A0 sized version, which was very detailed and clear. The premise that every place where lines crossed, was a sacred Aboriginal site, was, at that time, being checked, on the ground, to see if it was true. In the USA a gentleman called Richard Dannelly produced a similarly expanded map for the USA, with details in a book entitled ‘Sedona: Beyond the Vortex’ (Dannelly, 1995). A detailed explanation of this planetary grid system, including specific locations of grid points, can be found in the book ‘Anti-gravity and the World Grid’ by David Hatcher Childress and published by Adventures Unlimited Press ISBN:9780932813039 (Childress, 1987).

Other examples include: Michael Poynder and ‘Pi in the Sky’ (Poynder, 1992, 1997), where the author describes the feats and knowledge of Stone Age Man, including the placement of tumuli and stone circles to accentuate and promote energy flows through a landscape; and the use of a seven-pointed Earth Star when linking alignments to major energy sites across the world, including UK, Ireland, France and Egypt. Writing in ‘Imagine Magazine’ in the early 1990’s, Jim Berenholtz produced a list of what he called: 18 Mystery Schools: Centres of Knowledge; 9 World Centres: Axis of the Universe; 9 Sacred Mountains: Abodes of the Gods; and 9 Holy Waters: Sources of Life.

Other, like-minded souls have created unique compilations of information, which used to be publicly available available on websites. One such example was created by Soluntra King in New Zealand, called www.evenstarcreations.com/articlegrid.htm This website was a cornucopia of information that Soluntra gathered over many years, but since her passing has now been lost. It is, however, possible to find excerpts of the information she freely made available, on other websites; if you have the patience to search for them.

There are analogies, which can be used to help understand this concept of the Earth as a single ball of energy. One is to think of the Earth as having layers, like an onion, with many people around the world working with and having different levels of knowledge, experience and understanding about each layer. Another, which I personally find attractive, goes back to the ancient Chinese tradition of carving solid balls of ivory, until you have balls within balls, within balls; with each ball having a different design on its surface and each able to move freely and separately from both the ball(s) which surround it and the ball(s) it encases. These are stunning works of art that take patience and time to make the intricate carvings, which are created by hand. If you think of each ball relating to a different level of energy, but with them all inter-related and part of whole; the imagery can, in my mind, help to clarify the concept.

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