Energy Pumping Stations – Introduction

In 1994, when I first came across the idea of energy portals, they were nicknamed ‘energy pumping stations’, because they were places where energy flowed up and down vertically; from the ‘arteries’ deep underground which manifest as lava systems, cave systems, tunnels and layers of geology; to the ‘veins’ on the Earth’s surface where energy runs through mountains, valleys, rocks, rivers, streams, seas and the crystals and minerals within them; and the ethers above where our weather systems are manifest. 

At the time I was living in Sydney and an insatiable curiosity about sacred places, energy flows and dragon lines had prompted me to start researching for possible locations of these ‘energy pumping stations’ around the planet. One book in particular, ‘The World Atlas of Mysteries’ (Hitching, 1978) provided a number of excellent clues and I ended up with a short list of 20 possible locations, which was subsequently whittled down to 12. Each location has a symbol, a colour and a mnemonic or mantra, which of course makes sense when you think about it, because these are all manifestations of energy too. Needless to say, by this time I was hooked and I found myself quietly making a commitment, to both myself and the Earth, that I would find each of these locations. It never entered my mind that this would turn out to be my ‘bucket list’ or multiple ‘journeys of a lifetime’. But, in hindsight, that is exactly what has happened. 

These have been personal, spiritual journeys based on trust. Trust that by using intuition, spiritual awareness and following the clues that present themselves, no matter how obscure or seemingly irrelevant, it is possible to be in the right place at the right time. Trust that the people met along the way, whether passers-by, guides, drivers or other travellers, would, in some way, contribute to the challenges presented; and provide insights and clues at the moment they were needed. Trust that if a journey was meant to be, the funds would appear to enable it to happen. And finally trust that all these thoughts, experiences and adventures were actually contributing something to the scheme of things and not just the wild imaginings of a demented woman. 

This trust, that everything would be just as it was meant to be, has been rewarded many times over. With stunning landscapes, meetings with extraordinary people and so many hidden gems of places it is hard to capture in words the assault on the senses they have generated; the unexpected delight of meeting and experiencing the unknown face to face; and the simple, sheer wonder of it all.  It is hoped that by sharing these experiences they will, in some small way, intrigue fellow travellers and prompt others to explore the places they visit and live in from a different perspective; and to allow themselves to have unexpected adventures too.  

Between March 1994 and December 2012, I had either found, or visited each of these twelve locations and was able to connect in with them remotely. The initial clues were very brief; just enough to get me to a general, geographical area; where local information and further clues could then be followed in situ. Whilst every location turned out to be very different, there are some common threads. As well as vertical energy flows linking underground features with those on the surface and up into the ethers; many are in locations where nature has created a spectacular landscape and environment that thrives without any intervention by man. In some instances, humans have recognized the spiritual significance of the landscape and ‘enhanced it’. In others, both water and geology play a key part in the energy of the area; and many are associated with legends of spirit guardians, dragons and serpents in the landscape. The key characteristic though, is they are all ‘places where the landscape speaks to your soul.’

  1. Uluru and Kata Tjuta, NT Australia – giant sandstone outcrops in a red sandstone desert with lots of iron. Sacred areas to the Australian Aborigines. 
  2. Alaise and Creux Billard, near Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne, in southern France – limestone karst; semi-circle of limestone cliffs, with caves and water; linked to an underground water system that feeds the ‘Source du Lison’ and ‘Grotte Sarazine’. Rock guardians everywhere.
  3. Rotorua and Inferno crater, Waimangu Valley, North Island, New Zealand – active volcanic crater fed by a network of underwater systems. Guardians in the exposed side of the crater
  4. Kerguelen – dormant volcanic crater under ice
  5. El Tule and Huerve el Agua, Central Mexico – limestone rocks with calcified waterfalls; bathing pools and water coming up though holes in the rocks – high iron content. Bathing pools have been in use for millennia. Rock guardians overlook the pools.
  6. Kaibos and Flaming Lake, Bhutan – granite rocks, gouged into circular holes by the long-term movement of stones in vortices of water. Sacred place of Pema Lingpa. Rock guardians in the gorge above the lake.
  7. Easter Island and Ranu Kau crater, Easter Island – extinct volcanic crater filled with water. Serpent-headed rock guardian on the rim of the crater.
  8. Machu Picchu and Moray, Sacred Valley, Peru – natural depressions, or vortices in the ground, which have been enhanced by man and which the Incas recognised as special/sacred. Overlooked by serpent rock guardian. 
  9. Shambhalla and Khogno Khan, Central Mongolia – ancient volcanic crater, which now makes a natural amphitheatre; dry, but small natural spring in the volcanic rocks behind. Was a large, ancient centre of learning, but now has just a simple Buddhist temple on the far side of the crater looking down on the amphitheatre. Dragon rock guardians hide the entrance from prying eyes.
  10. Eleusis and Wadi Natrun, Egypt – at Wadi Natrun, sandstone monasteries hold the energy of the ancient Natrun salt lakes. The Coptic monks who run these monasteries have held the ‘love energy’ for the area for over 1500 years.
  11. Rama and Viratnagar, Rajasthan, NW India – hillside littered with granite boulders containing large quartz crystals; largest boulder is eroded into the shape of a serpent guardian. This hillside has had spiritual significance for thousands of years and there are three main sacred areas. The lowest is a small temple to the Hindu monkey god Hanuman in the crook between the serpent rock guardian and the base granite rock. Above the serpent rock guardian are the remains of a Buddhist temple; and above that looking down on the whole scene is another formation of rounded granite boulders with large quartz crystals, which is home to a colony of cobras. 
  12. Noxob 55˚N, 33˚W – in the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone of the North Atlantic Ridge.

As a conclusion: all these ‘energy pumping stations’ are, I believe, part of a network of energy places around the world that are now waiting patiently for the right time to activate themselves. My task has been to exchange energy signatures with each of them; and, by doing that, introduce them to each other. I have absolutely no idea what will happen next; or how or when they will link in together. Again, it’s all a question of trust. Trust, that whatever is meant to happen, will do so, when the timing is right; and could be triggered by anyone or anything.

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