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Over the last 30+ years I’ve met many amazing beings who have provided me with a number of useful hints, tips and ideas for ways of doing things. I think of them as ‘tools in a kit bag’ and share just a few of them with you here. Please feel free to use, adapt or discard – whatever feels right for you.

1. Asking Permission

Whether you want to gain entry to a sacred place; channel healing energy to a building or landscape; take photographs of trees or sacred rocks; or clear and heal yourself and others; it is always wise and polite to ask permission first. It is also wise never to assume you know what’s needed, or that you can just go ahead without a second thought. If you do, you will find that ego has a tendency to trip you up and the outcome is never what was expected. I’ve seen young travellers burst through a gate into a stone circle on the Isle of Lewis, without asking permission, then hug a sacred rock; only to feel sick a few minutes later and not know the reason why. There are probably as many ways to ask permission, as there are people who recognise the importance of doing it. It’s the intent and showing of respect that is paramount. The process I use is simple and, once you get used to it can take but a few seconds. The beauty of this approach is that those around you need never know what is going on:

  • First formulate in your mind what it is you want to do e.g. ‘I’d like to fill this room/house with colour to clear it’; or ‘I’d like to enter this sacred space’. 
  • Then mentally ask the following simple questions:                                                                                                                     
    • CAN I DO THIS? Do I have the skills and experience to do what is needed?
    • MAY I DO THIS? Do I have permission from the guardian spirits of this place to do this? And yes, even a mouldy hotel room will have some sort of guardian energy!
    • SHOULD I DO THIS? Is it appropriate? I tend to think of time as a man-made concept that is used to provide order to our lives; whilst the Universe is governed by sequences of events that are often completely beyond our comprehension. Asking this question, allows the Universe to halt us from doing something, which is potentially out of sequence.
  • You should get an immediate yes or no answer to each question ‘in your head’. If you get a ‘no’ to any question, try rewording what you want to do. If the answer is still ‘no’ then walk away, accepting it’s clearly not appropriate at this time. If you get three ‘yes’ answers then go ahead and have fun! 

When you have finished, give thanks (I just say ‘thank you very much’) and then forget about it.

2. Using colour to heal, clear a space or energy field

If you feel a physical space, or your body needs a real healing or clearing, you can follow this simple colour breathing technique. It takes a tiny bit of practice, but I’ve used it daily for years and find it really works. There are of course plenty of other techniques available, so it’s more a question of finding one that suits you. It may even be that an amalgam of two or more different techniques may be what works best.

  • Settle yourself quietly in a relaxed space, then ask permission to do what you want to do – see above section for one example of how to ask permission.
  • Picture a cloud of pinky-orange light in front of your face and breathe it in deeply from the abdomen (like a baby does) into your heart. Allow the colour to either infiltrate the whole of your body, or focus it on the area which needs healing – feel it waking you up as you think ‘in pinky-orange wakeup
  • Breathe out the colour and picture all the sluggishness leaving your body along with the colour as you think ‘out goes sluggishness’
  • Repeat 2 more times – the colour may intensify each time
  • Next picture a cloud of violet light. Breathe in as before – feel it cleansing you as you think ‘in violet cleansing’. As you breathe out, picture all the dead, diseased and unwanted cells and energy leaving as you think ‘out dead, diseased and unwanted cells and energy’
  • Repeat 2 more times.
  • Next ask your body what colour it needs for healing. If no colour(s) come to mind, then use a rainbow. Breathe in as before, thinking ‘in colour/rainbow healing’ and feel the colour filling every cell of your being. As you breathe out, picture everything as it should be, completely healed and think ‘out everything as it should be’
  • Repeat 2 more times. Sometimes the area will seem to flood with warmth – that’s a signal it has worked, but it doesn’t always happen! 
  • Finally give thanks to the universe for the healing energy and forget about it. 

Repeat the sequence up to three times a day if it feels appropriate.

These instructions can be easily adapted for clearing a room – instead of directing the colour inwards, just focus it outwards, from your heart, into the room; and picture the colour filling every little nook and cranny, flowing into and under any furniture and cupboards, into the woodwork and plaster, etc.

I have used this technique over the years on planes, trains, in supermarkets, museums, even in the open air and in sacred places. The key thing to remember; is if you get prompted to do something like this, then ALWAYS ask permission first; and ALWAYS give thanks afterwards.

With fun, magic and laughter – Carol Ann


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