Noxob, 55N 33W

Colour: sapphire blue Mnemonic: YOET

Noxob was never on any list of potential locations for an energy pumping station that I helped create. Indeed, I had never heard of, or read anything about it, anywhere. The original list of twenty potential locations had been discussed and whittled down, to what we thought was a final twelve; when a count showed only eleven had been selected. And when I asked the question ‘so where is the twelfth?’ The words ‘Noxob 55˚N 33˚W’ came out of the blue, from nowhere; completely unexpected; an unknown. I was both surprised and confused, I have to admit; but trusted that the details would reveal themselves when the time was right.

Early Insights:

A quick check of an atlas, showed that 55˚N 33˚W was located in the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone of the North Atlantic Ridge. More than 2km down on the seabed. So perhaps Noxob was a sea vent, a ‘black smoker’ where hot magma spewed out from the bowels of the Earth, as the tectonic plates either side of the North Atlantic Ridge pulled slowly apart?

Another early suggestion, was that ‘Noxob’ was not a word, but a Norse rune, perhaps Greenlandic in origin. A warning for sailors along the lines of ‘do not go here, there is danger’. I had previously come across locations on the North-Eastern coastline of the Americas, where runes had been left by Norse sailors. They were inscribed into the rocks facing out to sea, where they could be seen by other sea-farers. These runes warned of things like ‘no freshwater in the next bay’, or ‘the natives aren’t friendly, don’t stop here’, or ‘around the headland, is a good place to stop, plenty of food and fresh water’. All useful snippets for the sea-farer to know. Sadly, it seems that some local historians now descry these runes, as being the work of modern-day graffiti artists and insist they be ignored; but that is not my experience. The presence of slow growing lichen and algae, suggest they are definitely carvings that are many hundreds of years old; and are similar to runes found in other locations, where ancient Norsemen are known to have travelled.

Whilst this early research posed more questions than answers, it did encourage me to learn more about oceanography and plate tectonics, as part of my OU geology studies, which began in 2000. For example, in the 1990’s the only way to descend to the sea floor was in an Alvin submersible, piloted by the Woods Hole Research Institute. In the early part of the 21st century there have been extensive improvements in submersible design and modern examples have seats, multiple cameras and wide, clear viewing areas. I mused that perhaps, if I learnt enough about oceanography and ended up with a Geosciences degree, I might earn a place on one as an observer and writer. I finally qualified with a Geosciences degree at the age of 61; but the possibility of earning a much-coveted place on a submersible, quite rightly eluded me. There were others far more qualified than I. I did however, discover that during the 1970’s and 1980’s there had been a world-wide ocean drilling program, to increase the then current understanding of the geology and structure of sea beds around the world. I also learnt, that fracture zones occur at right-angles to a spreading ridge; and do not have active vents. So, my original theory that it might be the location of a ‘black smoker’ was totally unfounded. At least, that’s what the science currently says.

Following the clues on the ground:

Whilst it was impossible to literally ‘follow the clues on the ground’, I did make progress. In 1996, we had visited Iceland and driven, physically over the North Atlantic Ridge on a trip to visit Pingvellir (pronounced and sometimes spelt as Thingvellir), the location of the ancient Icelandic Parliament. This had been a very ‘uplifting’ experience, during which I clearly linked in to the energy of the North Atlantic Ridge itself. So, on some level, I had found the supposed location of Noxob at 55˚N 33˚W, although not directly.

There had also been a flight from London to San Francisco, which had taken me directly over the location; and I had been made very aware of it at the time. One suggestion, from a friend, was that perhaps I was going to travel over the spot in an ocean-going ship and could drop one or more crystals along the way to provide an energetic link; but that was never to happen. Then in 2003, I went on a geology trip to the south-west corner of Greenland and found myself linking in from there energetically too.

Energy Pumping Station description:

Despite the energetic connections described above, the start of 2012 came and I was no closer to discovering the truth about this energy pumping station. For various reasons, it felt like all the locations needed to be identified and, if possible, visited by 12th December 2012. The date was a significant one, both astrologically and astronomically. For one thing, it marked an alignment of the seven planets of the Solar System in the sky. And, according to the Mayan Calendar, which ended on that date, it marked the end of a cycle, the end of the Earth as we know it. There was much speculation in certain quarters and the date started to take on an energy of its own, much like the earlier turn of the millennium, when the doom-mongers had predicted utter chaos; but which passed by without a hitch.

I returned from my trip to Rajasthan in India and the discovery of the 11th energy pumping station at Viratnagar near Jaipur, at the end of November 2012; and began to muse about Noxob and what it all meant. And then, the penny dropped and all became clear. Right at the beginning of my journey, on my second visit to Uluru during the September Equinox of 1994, I had been prompted to link into the energy grid of the planet from my heart chakra; and had felt a very distinct clunk as I did so. For a number of years since then, I had been daily linking into this grid, as and when prompted; seeing myself as a pillar of light, connected in from my heart chakra, or Heart Sun as I now think of it, to a web of golden light, which wove its way around the planet. Over time I had become aware of it as a web of light that all our heart chakras would link into, when the time was right and when each of us was ready.

At the same time, I was also aware of, and prompted to re-enforce, links both flowing up through my body and chakras to what was often referred to as ‘The Great Central Sun’ above; and down through my feet to link in with the ‘Earth Sun’ at the Earth’s core. I was also regularly linking in, remotely and energetically, to all the locations I’d discovered along the way. I had in fact, unknowingly, become a pillar of light, in much the same way as I had described the energy pumping stations back in 1994. ‘When I first came across the idea of energy portals, they were nicknamed ‘energy pumping stations’, because they were places where energy flowed up and down vertically; from the ‘arteries’ deep underground which manifest as lava systems, cave systems, tunnels and layers of geology; to the ‘veins’ on the Earth’s surface where energy runs through mountains, valleys, rocks, rivers, streams, seas and the crystals and minerals within them; and the ethers above where our weather systems are manifest’

As the quote from T.S. Elliot, used in the introduction to this website, says: ‘We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ In December 2012, I felt that I too had come full circle, back to the beginning where it all started, but with a totally different perspective, based on the insights gained along the way.

In a single moment of clarity, I realized that I was in fact the twelfth energy pumping station and the clue of Noxob 55˚N 33˚W had been a red herring all along. It was as if I was a movable location travelling around the world, linking all the sites together remotely as and when prompted.


Since that moment of clarity and insight in December 2012, the world and our perception of it has changed completely. As I write this, it is September 2022. We have had world-wide pandemics; rules and laws that have demanded a total shut down of life as we know it. Commands that we isolate ourselves from friends and those we love, in fear of what might, or might not happen. Many souls have chosen to leave and are still sorely missed by those left behind; whilst others are still suffering quietly.

Despite this and amidst all the chaos created by these events, our indomitable spirits have risen above the fear and control mechanisms we have been presented with. More and more people are waking up daily and seeing things for what they are, no longer hidden by veils of illusion. People are finding much sought-after peace and tranquility in nature, which flourishes around us, still; despite the blights of plastic, we are continually bombarded with on land, or in the world’s rivers and oceans. Individuals can still choose to receive their news of the world from the doomsayers of TV and big business, or government-controlled media; but others are turning to alternative avenues or switching off all together. If you know where to look, social media is filled with good news and images of this stunning planet, and the huge variety of life it is home to. Images which often present themselves unbidden and instantly take your breath away with their beauty. There are initiatives and inventions, which are turning the tide on greed and materialism. There is music and song; spontaneous moments and acts of kindness, which make the heart sing. People are coming together to build the kind of societies and communities they want to live in. Communities based on sharing and supporting each other. Respecting each other for who and what we are. Communities based on love, rather than fear. Some have experienced a powerful spiritual awakening, whilst for others it’s been a slow realization that so much is wrong with our relationship with ourselves, with each other and with this planet. A groundswell of desire for change, initiated by even small, individual steps, is moving us in the right direction. We simply have to trust that each of us is making a difference.  

I for one will continue to explore; and continue to live with love in my heart…. trusting that in the end, all will be well…. And so, it is…


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