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In 1994, a friend gave me a much-copied article entitled ‘The Art of Planetary Healing’ by Robert Coon. It contained a very small map that immediately caught my attention. It was labelled ‘The 12 Open Gates of the New Jerusalem – The Two Great Dragons which encircle the Earth’. There is no date on the article, but I assume it was written, some years earlier, without knowledge of the dowsing of the Michael/Mary Line by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, documented in the book ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ (Miller & Broadhurst, 1989). The latter made an important discovery in that there were two separate currents, rather than one single one flowing through the landscape. The male current, called the Michael Line, flowed through high points, granite tors and had many churches dedicated to St. Michael or St George along its length; whilst the female current, called the Mary line, flowed through valleys, and sacred water places, e.g. the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Wherever the lines crossed over, the dowsers found an energy place, be it stone circle, church, cathedral, tor or underground chamber; all places located on the original ‘Michael Line’ described by Alfred Watkins in his book ‘The Old Straight Track’.

Map of the World Dragon Lines (Coon, The Planetary Gates of the New Jerusalem, 1968)

In the Robert Coon article, the author proclaimed ‘The Two Great Serpents are the primary circles of vital earth energy which embrace the planet. Many famous spiritual centres, or earth chakras, are located upon the bodies of these Ouroboric Dragons – sites such as Glastonbury Tor, Mount Kailas in Tibet, Lake Titicaca in the Andes and many others. The segment of the Fire (or Female) Dragon, which passes through England is known as the St. Michael Dragon Line…. these are the 2 most important energy corridors on the planet; all other energy lines are tributaries of these and 5 of the 6 Earth chakras are located on these two Dragons’.

He also stated the Earth’s major Chakras were located as follows:

  1. Base of Spine chakra: Mount Shasta
  2. Sexual centre/chakra: Lake Titicaca
  3. Solar Plexus chakra:    Uluru-Ayer’s Rock
  4. Heart chakra:              Glastonbury
  5. Throat chakra:             Great Pyramid
  6. Third Eye chakra:        ‘moves 1/12th to the west to activate each new Aeon’
  7. Crown chakra:             Mount Kailas

Fast forward to 2020 and, I have met many beautiful souls over the intervening years, who continue to visit and work with many locations along these World Dragon Lines. What follows is my own experiences and understanding, which is clearly just a small part of the knowledge and awareness currently available on the planet at this time.

The Female World Dragon line – sometimes also called the ‘The Phoenix or Rainbow Serpent Line’. According to Robert Coon, ‘The Female Dragon was activated at Easter 1984’ (Coon, The Planetary Gates of the New Jerusalem, 1968). It enters Britain through St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall (first cross-over point on the UK mainland), passes through the whole of southern England and is highly active on May Day sunrise. Since 1991, I have been able to visit many locations and cross-over points along this Michael/Mary line, from St. Michael’s Mount, to the Merry Maiden’s stone circle, The Hurlers and the Cheese-wring, Cadbury Castle, Burrow Bridge Mump, Glastonbury Cathedral and Tor, Avebury stone circle, Dorchester, Bury St Edmonds and Royston. After leaving the UK, the line goes on through Denmark, where it passes through the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and what was originally a site used by itinerant musicians, but is now a very successful Concert Hall. The line then flows on northeastwards through Sweden and across the Baltic Sea, before passing through St Petersburg; and curving round, at its apex, to flow through the corner of the Kremlin in Moscow, before heading south-east through Tibet. I linked into this female line at Dochu-La in Bhutan in 2004, where there was a very strong, clear energy flow. Dochu-La is a spectacular, sacred mountain pass, with 108 Buddhist Stupas (built in 2000) and a hill bedecked with prayer flags, with the energy of a dragon’s nest. Another connection was made in 1995, on Bali, which is one of two locations where the male and female World Dragon lines intersect and cross over each other. The Female Dragon Line comes in from the northeast flowing through the volcanoes of Gunung Penulisan, Gunung Batur and the sacred bathing pools of Danau Batur; before flowing through the crossover point of Gunung Agung (Great Mountain – 3142m) and out towards Australia and Uluru. The Male Dragon Line flows into the southwest of Bali, through the beautiful temple of Tanah Lot, with its volcanic black sands; and continues through a line of minor temples and volcanic outcrops, before flowing up the magnificent temple complex of Besakih and its viewing platform at the topmost level, that looks straight towards the giant volcano of Gunung Agung and the cross-over point; before flowing northeast out of the island and on towards Japan.              

At Uluru, both the male and female currents of the Female Dragon or Phoenix Line, flow directly through this sacred rock. They flow in through two sacred sites (one male, one female) around the rock base on one side and exit through two other sacred sites (one male, one female) on the other. The crossover point is on top of the rock and I know of at least one person who was given permission, by the spirit guardians of the rock, to climb it, and directly connect in with this major energy point. In 2019 all climbing of Uluru was stopped and the site was reconsecrated as sacred, by local Aboriginal Elders. Then, on January 10th 2020, the planetary Solar Plexus chakra at Uluru was activated, as part of a worldwide focus on energy flows along the Female Dragon Line. Further events are expected to take place around the December Solstice 2020, when the focus will be on a planetary healing for the Earth; and, according to Aboriginal legend, the energies of the Rainbow Serpent and the Female Dragon Line will combine to build a Rainbow Bridge between the Earth and the Heavens.

After leaving Uluru, the flow continues in a southeasterly direction through central Australia, then curves eastwards to flow out of the NSW coastline. I have traced the female current through the sacred Aboriginal site of Mt Gulaga at Tilba, Tilba with its rich red granite outcrops; before it heads out to sea through ‘Camel Rock’ or ‘Cape Dromedary’, which to me looks like a dragon of course. The male current appears to flow out to sea through a sacred male Aboriginal location near Merimbula, which is further south. Readers will see, from looking at the map at the beginning of this page, that several potential lines are shown heading southeast from Uluru and exiting the Australian coastline in different locations. On Robert Coon’s original map, the line passed south of New Zealand, with a second possible branch going through Tasmania. On various visits to Australia, I have met several people who’ve suggested possible alternatives; and so, I wondered whether there could be multiple lines at the apexes of each curve, but have found no ‘on the ground’ evidence to support this theory. Other readers might have done so. 

The World Female Dragon Line then flows northeastwards through the South Pacific, until it reaches Easter Island, where I dowsed the flows of both the male and female currents through the island.

Easter Island

The female current flows in through the volcanic crater of Ranu Kau in the south west and out of the island through ‘Te Pito Te Kura’, the ‘Navel of the Earth’ on the northern coastline. The male current flows into the island from the west, through the remains of the Ranu Aroi crater, the highest point on the island at 506m, before flowing through the corner of the Ranu Raraku statue quarries and out through the Ahu and Moai of TongaRiki, with its spectacular line of 15 restored statues. Although I searched for the crossover point, I didn’t find it, so assumed I wasn’t meant to. The two lines then flow eastwards across the Pacific Ocean towards the South American continent and the second major World Dragon Line crossover point on Lake Titicaca.

The Female World Dragon Line flows into Lake Titicaca from the southwest through Peru, passing the crossover point with the Male World Dragon Line at the southern end of Sun Island (Isla del Sol) on the Bolivian side of the lake. The cross-over point is a sacred area, where the local Andean Indians and their Kallawuaya (fortune teller or native doctor of the Andean Altiplano) conduct rituals and make offerings to Pachamama, the Earth Mother. The Female World Dragon Line then continues eastwards through Moon Island (Isla de la Luna, or Kaoti in Quechua) and the snow-covered Cordillera Real; over the Andes, traversing Brazil and the Amazon Rain Forest, before crossing the Atlantic, to once again reach St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, UK. 

The Male World Dragon Line, also know as ‘The Plumed Serpent’ was awakened on 17th August 1987’ (Coon, The Spheres of Destiny, 2005, 2007). It has a very different energy feel to it; sometimes more aggressive. In my experience this is predominantly due to the active and dormant volcanic landscapes it flows through; as it follows volcanic mountain chains, volcanic island arcs and huge basalt outflows from ancient ‘hot spots’ in the Earth’s crust. After exiting the beautiful island of Bali, the male line flows northeastwards up the volcanic island arc of the Islands of Japan, before curving east towards the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. From there it travels down the spine of the Americas, through the Rocky Mountains and the volcanoes of Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainer and Mount Shasta. The Male World Dragon Line continues its journey south along fault lines in the Earth’s crust, through the volcano Popocatepetl in Mexico, down through the ancient Mayan city of Palenque in Southern Mexico; passing through active volcanic landscapes in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama into Columbia; until it flows down the ‘Avenue of Volcanoes’ in Ecuador and on into the Andes, the spine of South America. At the crossover point with the Female World Dragon Line on Lake Titicaca, the male line flows down the full length of Sun Island (Isla del Sol), from the submerged island of Marka Pampa to the north, down through many ancient, sacred Inca sites, including Chincana, Titi Khar’ka (Rock of the Puma) and Cha’llapampa. I have walked this route myself and know it to be a very powerful energy line. After Sun Island, it continues southeast, with the male current flowing through La Paz and the female current through Tiahuanaco; then on down through the volcanoes of the high Altiplano and Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

Male line through the Atacama Desert

Male line through Iguaçu Falls

The flow then continues south to the magnificent Iguaçu Falls, with its legend of the ‘Serpent God Mboi’. After exiting the South American coastline, the World Male Dragon Line heads eastwards through the Southern Oceans, south of the Cape of Good Hope in Africa and on towards Bali. Along the way, it passes through a small, innocuous, volcanic island called Kerguelen, which very few people have ever heard of. But let your eye wander due south of the Indian continent towards Antarctica, and around latitude 53°S you will find this remote, ‘L-shaped’ volcanic speck surrounded by thousands of miles of vast ocean wastes. Beneath this tiny speck however, lies the Kerguelen Plateau; a large, underwater, volcanic igneous province nearly three times the size of Japan. Today, the island is home to a Scientific Research Centre, run by the French and the only way to get there is aboard a French scientific research and supply vessel called the Marion Dufresne.


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