Announcement – new webpages for ‘Dances with Dragons’

There are now two new pages on the Dances with Dragons website for you to check out:

Energy Pumping Station at Hierve el Agua near Oaxaca in Mexico:

I first came across the location of El Tule by accident, when reading a much-photocopied article and then a pamphlet written by Robert Coon (Coon, 1990). It was a very small map showing what he called the two ‘World Dragon Lines’ of energy that first caught my eye. According to this pamphlet, El Tule in Mexico and the ancient Mayan City of Palenque, located further south near the border with Guatemala, were linked energetically read more…

Information page about Geology:

Given the importance of geology and the rocks around us, when it comes to understanding the landscapes we see and the energy flows many people are now feeling, it seemed appropriate to include something about geology on this website. I have, however, tried to keep the content informative and light, on the basis there are few readers who want, or indeed need, a science lecture at this time read more…


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