Cross Currents in Bali

Bali is a magical, mythical island, lying east of Java and northwest of Australia, along the Pacific ‘ring of fire’. It has an irregular landscape of beaches deep ravines, fast-flowing rivers and rice terraces, which rise in curved tiers to a volcanic chain of mountains in the north. It is said the gods live here and the Balinese spend a great part of each day worshipping, pacifying and entertaining them!

I had chosen to stay up in the mountains at Ubud, rather than at a more touristy coastal resort, and arrived at my hotel at three o’clock in the morning after travelling for nearly 20 hours. I didn’t get much sleep though – I was woken at 6am by a cock crowing, and opened my bedroom windows to a spectacular view of rainforest, a river, rice terraces, ducks in the valley below and lots of small birds and butterflies in the trees in front of me. The view was magical and even though I was tired, I could feel a very gentle zinging all over! During my six months stay in Australia, I had been given a booklet by Robert Coon called ‘The Art of Planetary Healing’. According to this material there are two great dragon lines of energy which circle the world and the volcano of Gunung Agung (Gunung = mountain, Agung = greatest) on Bali, was one of the two major cross-over points. When I saw Robert’s map, I realised that I had been to a number of the places that were marked and had unknowingly travelled along the lines themselves in some countries! Since then, I have found myself drawn more and more to these sites as I have started to work consciously with the Earth’s energy grid. Now, in November 1995, I was in Bali for a few days and was curious as to how the energies would feel in this part of the world, and the patterns they would make.

According to Robert Coon, Bali is the seventh planetary gate and there are four sacred mountains – Gunung Agung, Gunung Batur, Gunung Batukau and Gunung Bukit Petjatu, which exist as planetary ‘blood filters’ to purify the Gaian ley flows as they pass through. Their function is to remove all negative projections and thought forms which have been injected into the planetary ley system. When the earth energy systems are completely restored, then any misuse of sacred sites and energy lines, where that misuse injects negative energies into a ley flow, will be filtered out and transmuted by one of these four mountains, which apparently purify the four Divine Qualities of Life, Liberty, Love and Light.

I spent my first morning exploring the town of Ubud itself, which was very noisy with lots of traffic, before visiting a large temple down south called Taman Ayun Temple. Some time before, I had come across a herbal pharmacist in the UK that could provide double strength Rescue Remedy (RR) tablets for use with buildings/places, rivers/lakes, etc. They were definitely not for human consumption, but work very well in assisting nature to heal itself. So, when I saw the temple surrounded by lots of sluggish water, I asked permission and gave it some RR to help it on its way. Despite this cry for help, the energies of the place were very pleasant, warm and soft ; and I found myself receiving a lovely gift from a ‘guardian’ tree, when a  beautiful, scented flower fell onto my shoulder, as I was walking round the site. That evening, I went to another temple on the southern side of the island, called Tanat Lot, to watch the sunset. This was a major tourist site and very spectacular; as the glistening setting sun shone on the sea and black sand. It was also the point at which the major male dragon-line entered Bali from the south-west, having crossed the South Ocean from the island of Kerguelen. From Tanat Lot, the energy flowed north towards Gunung Agung, before leaving the island to continue along the Pacific Rim towards Japan, and on up the east coast of Russia and China.

The next day found me heading off to the north, north-west mountainous side of the island and the volcanoes and crater lake, which mark the female dragon-line, as it passes through from west to east on its way to Australia. We drove through spectacular, lush scenery towards Gunung (mt) Batur and Danau (lake) Batur, along narrow spiralling roads and tropical forests.  One side of Gunung Batur had very clear, visible new lava flows from the eruption, which had occurred only two months previously. Driving down into the valley to the crater lake and the ‘hot springs’ of Air Panas for a swim, I could clearly see the foundations and remains of many houses, which had clearly been abandoned during a previous eruption. The terrain here was very ‘lumpy’ with huge blocks of cooled lava everywhere. The soil was a very rich, dark brown/black colour and although clearly a farming area, the local people are very poor and live simply in small one-room shelters –  despite this apparent poverty, many of these shelters had a TV aerial attached to one side.

The hot springs came from a source beneath Gunung Batur and the baths were built at the point, just before the water flows directly into the crater lake. I was told the locals had been coming here to bathe in the healing waters for centuries. The female dragon energy line flowed through the north-east corner of the island through 4 volcanoes, this crater lake and on out into the sea, near a salt pan and the two palaces of Karangasem and Puri Taman Ujung (Floating Palace). And so it was, that I found my self sitting in the baths, directly on the female energy line, enjoying the beautiful soft, relaxing and soothing flow of energies around me.

Looking around, it became obvious that this whole area is a huge caldera from a previous eruption. This can be clearly seen from a topographical (physical) map; and the female dragon energy line, including the four volcanoes and crater lake, immediately stand out. I ate lunch at the ‘mountain view restaurant’, which would normally have a magnificent view of the volcanoes and the crater lake, but it started to rain and the mountains and the building became enveloped in thick cloud. As this happened I had a clear image of the energies being grounded into the earth!

After lunch we drove on to Besakih temple, catching glimpses of Gunung Agung in the cloud. Again this was a very spectacular drive along narrow mountain roads, through lush vegetation. Besakih is the ‘Mother Temple’, the oldest and the biggest, and there is a ¾ mile walk up the main drive to the temple complex. Initially, as I walked along, I felt quite a bit of energy in my hands, but as I got further up, I started to feel very hot and thirsty. I stopped and sat down, breathing very heavily and feeling rather sick. Was the energy too strong for me or was it just the heat? I suspect it was a bit of both, plus tiredness. I felt very dizzy and everything went a blinding white colour, so I sat down quietly, breathing deeply, till I settled myself. That was the point at which I ‘saw’ the energy line stretching out southwards in the landscape, towards Tanat Lot; and realised my walking route up the temple complex was directly on top of the male energy line. It was no wonder I hadn’t felt too good. What was also very interesting was the ‘incidents’ that occurred with male energies whilst I was there; including a man who attached himself to me and insisted on being my guide, even though I repeatedly told him I didn’t want one. He  finally went away, when I refused to pay him any money.

After resting for a while, I carried on walking up to the inner/highest temple, where a young temple boy ‘allowed me in to pray’. Despite having received very strict instructions from him on what I should or shouldn’t do, I did eventually manage to meditate for a bit and connected with the energy of the mountain. It had a distant, aloof feel, but recognised my energy, from other places on this ‘dragon-line’. It didn’t really need anything, just my energy walking around was OK. Then I was interrupted by the young temple boy giving instructions again. He told me I had to go, the monks wanted to pray and my presence wasn’t desirable. As I left, I gave him a donation, which was the remainder of all my change; but he obviously didn’t feel it was enough, because he got very upset, demanded more, and wasn’t at all happy when I explained I didn’t have any more. When I thought about it, his reaction very much reflected what appeared to be a general air of greed around the main tourist sites and temples, which were full of market stalls. Everyone was trying to make money from the tourists and the stallholders were often very pushy – I even experienced 3 and 4 year old children demanding money.

My overall impression of Bali was of a very lush island with plenty of water; plenty of everything for survival. The Balinese are  working to keep a balance between the old ways and lifestyle and their new found materialism, which is very much based on the tourist trade. The difficulty is that tourism is creating ever decreasing circles. Doing more things to attract tourists, makes them more materialistic; and also makes more demands on the old ways, culture, land, etc. For example they continue to bulldoze ancient rice terraces and rich farmland to provide golf courses to attract American and Japanese tourists.

I left finally the island at 2am the following morning,  continuing on my journey, first to Sydney for a few days, then on to New Zealand for a two week stay which was to prove a magical exploration of a new world for me!

The End


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