Marion DuFresne

The Marion DuFresne is a French scientific research vessel, run by the Terres Australes et Antartiques Francaises (or TAAF for short) in conjunction with the French Navy. Five, sometimes six times a year, it completes a round trip from the volcanic island of Reunion; transporting supplies and scientists to three groups of remote islands in

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A Weekend in York

In September 1995, I found myself travelling northwards to York, to attend a conference organised by Fountain International, It was to be a gathering of like-minded souls, who were active in all aspects of healing, including people, animals and the Earth. Over the centuries, York has been a major centre of money, wealth, power and

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Cross Currents in Bali

Bali is a magical, mythical island, lying east of Java and northwest of Australia, along the Pacific ‘ring of fire’. It has an irregular landscape of beaches deep ravines, fast-flowing rivers and rice terraces, which rise in curved tiers to a volcanic chain of mountains in the north. It is said the gods live here

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