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Dragons in the landscape

The world of prehistoric man was dominated by nature, the landscape he lived in and the skies at night. An awareness and understanding of the seasons, weather patterns and cycles of life were important for survival; knowing when trees and bushes would bear fruit; when bird colonies would be producing eggs; when fish would be

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Hints and tips

Over the last 30+ years I’ve met many amazing beings who have provided me with a number of useful hints, tips and ideas for ways of doing things. I think of them as ‘tools in a kit bag’ and share just a few of them with you here. Please feel free to use, adapt or

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As humans we marvel at natural landscapes and how ‘Nature’ has carved and eroded them over eons of time. Our ancestors saw these natural landscapes and landforms as sacred and spiritual and embodied mountains, rivers, hills, waterfalls, trees and rocks with earth spirits, which they worshipped and appeased. They knew they were an integral part

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World Dragon Lines

In 1994, a friend gave me a much-copied article entitled ‘The Art of Planetary Healing’ by Robert Coon. It contained a very small map that immediately caught my attention. It was labelled ‘The 12 Open Gates of the New Jerusalem – The Two Great Dragons which encircle the Earth’. There is no date on the

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So, what is earth energy?

Over the years I have been asked many times ‘So what is this earth energy you talk about? What does it mean?’ The answers to these very valid questions can sound pompous, especially when the words ‘earth energy’ slip so glibly off the tongue as if to imply, everyone will automatically know what they mean.

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Early Insights

In the Introduction to this website, I talked of how the book ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ (Miller & Broadhurst, 1989) led to my very first dance with a dragon at Avebury stone circle on a Misty May Day morning in 1991. I was fascinated by the authors’ ideas of how the energies they dowsed,

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