Photos can be ordered for use on websites and in print.

To order photos, wave your cursor over the picture(s) and the photo number will show up. 

Note it down and then please read the following before contacting us:

The photos on this website are copyright and may be used only with the permission of the photographer, Carol Ann.

This isn’t about money, because sometimes there will be a charge for photo usage and sometimes not. This is for a couple of reasons:

  • it’s good to ask permission to use someone’s work
  • for commercial or otherwise profitable usages, a charge applies
  • charges for photos do not apply if used for charitable or other good causes, or by people with whom I have made an agreement. In all cases usage permission, in advance of use, is still polite.
  • If photos are found being used without permission, or for uses other than those agreed, that will be very sad and future usage permission is unlikely to be granted.

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